Instruction in a strong, safe, and effective seat that aids in the advancement of both horse and rider.

Training Philosophy

Devin Ryan’s training philosophy centers around the importance of flatwork (also know as dressage) as it develops a rider’s feeling for their horse to ensure communication between horse and rider. Whether it be while working with a young horse in training or one of his students, he believes success at flat work will in turn produce better pace, tracking and jumping of the horse. He believes understanding the mechanics of how horses move enhances performance and a sense of teamwork.

Though Devin is predominately a Show Jumper, his training experience allows him to successfully cross train multiple disciplines including Hunters and Equitation. He is competitive in nature but enjoys training riders eager to learn, regardless of showing ambitions. He welcomes prospective investors interested in entering the exciting world of competitive Show Jumping.

The atmosphere at River Run Stables is one of teamwork, family and a spirit of cooperation. Competitive and pleasure riders alike share in the triumphs of the barn “family” as well as provide support to one another when needed.

The training experience with Devin Ryan is best expressed through the words of his clients –

"To do something you love, and do it to the best of your ability, is the ultimate goal of any trainer. These words spoken by Devin Ryan, a young protégé of George Morris, have always remained with me and led to an 8 year relationship with a young man who I consider to be the best trainer I've ever had the good fortune to be associated with during my many years of horse ownership. His expertise with young horses is unparalleled, his integrity with his clients is remarkable, and his ability to see that certain 'something' in a horse others overlooked is uncanny especially as it has led to the ultimate development of many horses to major championships. Most of all, his love for the horses he works with is seldom found in our industry. He is, in my opinion, a rising star in the equine world and I feel fortunate to be associated with him."

– Investment owner at River Run Stables

"When you train with Devin you not only learn how to get around the course, he teaches you how to best 'ride' the course."

– 16 year old Show Jumping student

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