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Eddie Blue - 2nd of 57 $35,000 Savaro 1.50m at Live Oak International 
March 11, 2017

Congratulations to Devin Ryan and Eddie Blue on their 2nd place finish out of 57 in Saturday's $35,000 Savaro 1.50m at Live Oak International CSI3*. Spectacular venue and Eddie Blue handled it with confidence beyond his young 8 years! This came following his 4th place of 57 entries on Friday's $10,000 1.40m Power & Speed. What an amazing week for those two!
Excerpted from Devin's interview "My horse has the mentality, heart and bravery, he has all the talent," said Ryan. "He's such a careful horse, always studying the fences and he has such a big stride and scope. To me he's perfect."

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2012 Manchester Classic VSF week 3 

Results Highlights:

No Worries: $30,000 Otter Creek Grand Prix N - 1st of 22.

Roman Saluut: $30,000 Otter Creek Grand Prix N - 7th of 22.

Calissandro: $30,000 Otter Creek Grand Prix N - 4th of 22. $10,000 VT Bird Place & Sky Welcome 1.45m - 2nd of 16.

Boucanier: $1,000 1.30m Jpr - 2nd of 10. 6 & 7 YO Yg Jprs 1.25m - 3rd of 6.

Tailwind: 5 YO Yg Jprs 1.20m - 1st of 4.

Honolulu 111: $500 1.20m Jpr - 4th of 7. 5 YO Yg Jprs 1.20m - 3rd of 4.

Zosja: $1000 1.30m Jpr - 3rd of 10.

Rocket Cruiser: 1.15m Jpr - 2nd of 7, New England Jpr .95m - 3rd of 37.

Lexus: Ad Am Jpr 1.15m - 1st of 11, $2500 NAL/WIHS Ad Am Jpr Classic 1.15m - 1st of 18. Division Champion.

Belvedere: JR/AO Jpr Low 1.30m - 4th of 13, 1st of 17, Division Reserve Champion.

Lady Lin: JR/AO Jpr Low 1.30m - 3rd of 13.

Big Little Rascal: $500 1.20m Jpr - 6th of 29.

Viola-VDL: Ad Am Jpr 1.15m - 3rd of 11, $2500 M&S Ad Am Jpr Classic 1.15m - 6th of 18.

Eclipse: Ad Am Jpr 1.15m - 2nd of 11, $2500 M&S Ad Am Jpr Classic 1.15m - 4th of 18. 1.0m Jpr - 2nd of 25, Reserve Champion.

Muffin: New England Jpr .90m - 7th of 31. 1.0m Jpr - 1st of 37. Chld Jpr Lo 1.05m - 2nd of 13, 1st of 11, Reserve Champion.

MJ: 1.0m Jpr - 4th of 17.

No Worries A Winner! 

Devin captured victory in the $30,000 Otter Creek Grand Prix, Presented by Equinox Resort & Spa, held Saturday, July 21, during the third week of the Vermont Summer Festival in East Dorset, VT.

After finishing second in Thursday’s $10,000 Vermont Bird Place and Sky Watch Open Welcome, Presented by Manchester Designer Outlets, Ryan returned to the grand prix ring on Saturday determined to rise to the top of the starting field of 22.  Five horse/rider combinations jumped cleanly over the first round track set by 2008 Beijing Olympic course designer, Steve Stephens, to advance to the jump-off.

**See full press release

Princeton Show Jumper July II 

Results Highlights:

Calissandro: Welcome Stake 1.40m - 11th of 33, $30,000 Grand Prix of Princeton - 3rd of 23.

Friller: 7/8 YO Yg Jprs 1.30m - 2nd of 5.

Boucanier: 6 YO Yg Jprs 1.20m - 1st of 7.

Tailwind: 5 YO Yg Jprs 1.15m - 2nd of 4.

Gracias: 5 YO Yg Jprs 1.15m - 1st of 4.

Zosja: 1.20m Jprs - 7th of 23, 1.30m Jprs - 4th of 14.

Time and Again: 1.0m Jprs - 1st of 15.

Belvedere: $10,000 JR/AO Jpr Classic 1.25m - 8th of 25.

Lady Lin: JR/AO Jpr 1.25m - 4th of 9. $10,000 JR/AO Jpr Classic 1.25m - 6th of 25.



PJA Jumper Classics 

Results Highlights:

Roman Saluut: $25,000 PJA Grand Prix N - 5th of 17.

Calissandro: $25,000 PJA Grand Prix N - 1st of 17.

Lexus: $1500 Ch/Ad Jpr Welcome 1.10m - 10th of 24. $4000 M&S/NAL Ch/Ad Jpr Classic 1.10m - 1st of 25.

Calissandro on top again! 

Devin and Calissandro finish at the top of 17 competitors at the PJA Grand Prix held June 16th-17th at Swan Lake Stables in Littlestown, PA.  Devin also placed 5th in the class with his stallion, Roman Saluut.  Congrats to Calissandro, Devin and owner Barbara Drake for his 1st National Grand Prix finish of 2012!

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