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Eddie Blue - 2nd of 57 $35,000 Savaro 1.50m at Live Oak International 
March 11, 2017

Congratulations to Devin Ryan and Eddie Blue on their 2nd place finish out of 57 in Saturday's $35,000 Savaro 1.50m at Live Oak International CSI3*. Spectacular venue and Eddie Blue handled it with confidence beyond his young 8 years! This came following his 4th place of 57 entries on Friday's $10,000 1.40m Power & Speed. What an amazing week for those two!
Excerpted from Devin's interview "My horse has the mentality, heart and bravery, he has all the talent," said Ryan. "He's such a careful horse, always studying the fences and he has such a big stride and scope. To me he's perfect."

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Devin finishes his season with a bang! 

At the Grand Opening of the new Princeton Show Jumping at Hunter Farms, Devin had top placings during all 3 weeks, including taking home 1st & 2nd in the $35,000 Grand Prix for week II with No Worries and Roman Saluut, respectively. This followed his week I finish of 2nd out of 30 with Zosja in the $30,000 Grand Prix. He continued his winning ways into week III with a 2nd for No Worries and 5th place finish on Roman Saluut from a field of 28 in the $40,000 Grand Prix 1.50m.

Additional top finishes included:

Week I - Calissandro: 5th of 27 in the $10,000 Princeton Welcome Stake 1.40m, 7th of 30 in the $30,000 Princeton Grand Prix 1.40m.

Week II - No Worries: 2nd of 28 in the $10,000 Princeton Welcome Stake 1.40m.

Week III - Calissandro: 8th of 38 in the $10,000 Princeton Welcome Stake 1.40m.

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Success at the YJC Eastern Finals - Hampton Classic 2012 

Devin & Boucanier finish 4th overrall from a field of 15 riders competing in the $30,000 6 YO Eastern Finals held during the 2012 Hampton Classic.  In addition, he was 6th of 15 on Honolulu 111 in the $20,000 5 YO division. 

Congrats also to Mike & Lexus with their Championship in the Adult Amateur 1.10m Jpr division - 1st of 25 and 2nd of 47 in the $3500 M&S Ad Am Jpr Classic!


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Fidelity Jumper Classic 

Results Highlights:

No Worries: $25,000 Fidelity Grand Prix N - 11th of 19. $500 1.20m Jpr - 5th of 49.

Roman Saluut: $25,000 Fidelity Grand Prix N - 12th of 19. $3500 1.30m Jpr - 1st of 23.

Calissandro: $5000 1.40 Jpr - 7th of 13. Equine Insurance Speed Stake 1.35m - 9th of 23.

Boucanier: $1500 1.30m Jpr - 3rd of 43, $2000 1.30m Jpr - 8th of 24.

Honolulu 111: 1.15m Jpr - 2nd of 9, $750 1.20m Jpr - 3rd of 8, $1500 1.20m Jpr - 2nd of 6.

Zosja: Equine Insurance Speed Stake 1.35m - 7th of 23.

Lexus: $1000 High Ch/Ad Jpr 1.10m - 1st of 20, $1500 High Ch/Ad Jpr 1.10m - 1st of 18. $3500 High Ch/Ad Jpr Classic 1.10m - 1st of 16. **Congrats Mike & Lexus on a clean sweep of their division!!


2012 Valley Classic - VSF week 4 

Results Highlights:

Roman Saluut: $30,000 Mt. Equinox Grand Prix N - 1st of 23. $10,000 Kenneth Cole Welcome Stake 1.45m - 5th of 24.

Boucanier: $1000 1.30m Jpr - 3rd of 24, 1st of 11.

Zosja: $5000 Open Jpr 1.40m - 3rd of 13.

Rocket Cruiser: 1.15m Jprs - 1st of 7.

Lexus: Ad Am Jpr 1.15m - 1st of 7, $2500 M&S Ad Am Jpr Classic 1.15m - 7th of 12. $2500  NAL/WIHS Ad Am Jpr Classic 1.15m - 8th of 16.

Belvedere: JR/AO Jpr Low 1.30m - 1st of 22, 1st of 6. JR/AO Jpr Low Classic 1.35m - 7th of 30, Division Champion. **Circuit Champion 2012**

Lady Lin: JR/AO Jpr Low 1.30m - 3rd of 6. JR/AO Jpr Low Classic 1.30m - 10th of 30.

Viola-VDL: Ad Am Jpr 1.15m - 4th of 7, $2500 M&S Ad Am Jpr Classic 1.15m - 2nd of 12. $2500  NAL/WIHS Ad Am Jpr Classic 1.15m - 4th of 16.

Eclipse: $2500 M&S Ad Am Jpr Classic 1.15m - 5th of 12.

Muffin: Chld Jpr Low 1.05m - 2nd of 4, 1st of 24, Reserve Champion.

Devin Back-to-Back Grand Prix wins at VSF! 

 Devin scored his second consecutive grand prix victory at the 2012 Vermont Summer Festival by winning the $30,000 Mount Equinox Grand Prix, sponsored by Hand Motors, on Saturday, July 28.  The six-week Vermont Summer Festival, held at Harold Beebe Farm in East Dorset, VT, began on July 4 and continues through August 12.

Hot off his victory one week earlier riding No Worries in the $30,000 Otter Creek Grand Prix, Presented by Equinox Resort & Spa, Ryan piloted his athletic gray stallion, Roman Saluut, to the top spot in the $30,000 Mount Equinox Grand Prix.

A total of 23 horse and rider combinations contested Saturday’s Grand Prix, navigating a technical track set by course designer Ken Krome of Westminster, MD.  Seven were able to post first-round clears to advance to the jump-off, where it was the lightning fast round of Devin Ryan and Roman Saluut that earned top prize.

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