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Eddie Blue - 2nd of 57 $35,000 Savaro 1.50m at Live Oak International 
March 11, 2017

Congratulations to Devin Ryan and Eddie Blue on their 2nd place finish out of 57 in Saturday's $35,000 Savaro 1.50m at Live Oak International CSI3*. Spectacular venue and Eddie Blue handled it with confidence beyond his young 8 years! This came following his 4th place of 57 entries on Friday's $10,000 1.40m Power & Speed. What an amazing week for those two!
Excerpted from Devin's interview "My horse has the mentality, heart and bravery, he has all the talent," said Ryan. "He's such a careful horse, always studying the fences and he has such a big stride and scope. To me he's perfect."

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Blue Rock 

Results Highlights:

No Worries - $5,000 Modified Jpr 1.30m - 1st of 10, Champion, $10,000 Blue Rock Prix 1.35m - 3rd of 19.

Roman Saluut - $5,000 Modified Jpr 1.30m - 2nd of 10.  $10,000 Blue Rock Prix 1.35m - 6th of 19.

Calissandro - $5,000 Modified Jpr 1.30m - 6th of 10.  $10,000 Blue Rock Prix 1.35m - 5th of 19.

Friller - $1,000 1.20m-1.25m Jpr - 1st of 12, 3rd of 7, Division Champion.  $500 5/6/7/8 Year Old YJpr - 1st of 6.

Lexus - Adult Am Jpr 1.10m - 2nd of 12.  $2,500 Adult Am 1.10m - 2nd of 17.

Mission Accomplished - Adult Am Jpr 1.10m - 6th of 12, 4th of 12.

Lady Lin - Child Jpr 1.10m - 1st of 9, 1st of 9, 4th of 7, High Child Division Champion.  $1,000 Child Jpr 1.10m - 1st of 9.

River Run Welcomes New Foal 

Devin celebrates the addition of his second home-bred foal, Altair.  She combines her mother, Gracias' beauty with her father, Tailwind's love of speed.  Welcome little one!  In greek her name means "brightest star" while in arabic "flying eagle".

St. Clement's Horse Show - Week 2: 

Results Highlights:

No Worries - $5,000 1.40m Jpr - 3rd of 22. $25,000 David B. Wood Cup Grand Prix - 1st of 22.

Roman Saluut - $5,000 1.40m Jpr - 6th of 22. $25,000 David B. Wood Cup Grand Prix - 12th of 22.

Lexus - NAL Chld/Ad Jpr 1.10m - 2nd of 15.  M & S Adult Classic 1.10m - 3rd of 7.

Muffin - NAL Chld/Ad Jpr 1.10m - 7th of 15.  M & S Children's Classic 1.10m - 3rd of 7.

Devin & No Worries Extend Their Winning Streak! 

St. Clement's Horse Show: For the 2nd year in a row, Devin and No Worries win the $25,000 David B. Wood Cup Grand Prix during week 2 of the competition held at the historic Saratoga Racetrack, Saratoga Springs, NY.  Under gray skies and steady rain, the pair were 1 of 8 out of 22 to return for the jump off round.  Navigating large puddles they produced the one clear jump off round in addition to the fastest time.  Congratulations to them both as well as No Worries' owner, Barbara Rowland. 

Garden State Horse Show 

Results Highlights:

Calissandro - YJC 7/8 Year Olds (4'3") - 1st of 7.

Friller - YJC 6 Year Olds (4') - 3rd of 10.

Lexus - Adult Jpr (1.07m) - 1st of 12.  $1500 M&S/NAL/WIHS Adult Classic (1.07m) - 7th of 25.

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