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Eddie Blue - 2nd of 57 $35,000 Savaro 1.50m at Live Oak International 
March 11, 2017

Congratulations to Devin Ryan and Eddie Blue on their 2nd place finish out of 57 in Saturday's $35,000 Savaro 1.50m at Live Oak International CSI3*. Spectacular venue and Eddie Blue handled it with confidence beyond his young 8 years! This came following his 4th place of 57 entries on Friday's $10,000 1.40m Power & Speed. What an amazing week for those two!
Excerpted from Devin's interview "My horse has the mentality, heart and bravery, he has all the talent," said Ryan. "He's such a careful horse, always studying the fences and he has such a big stride and scope. To me he's perfect."

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Devin & Roman Saluut extend their winning streak! 

Devin and Roman Saluut top a field of 16 to win the $30,000 Vermont Summer Special Grand Prix.  This was a great finish to an exciting week with additional top finishes from No Worries and Calissandro.

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Devin & Roman Saluut earn 1st place finish in Princeton $30,000 Grand Prix!  

After earning 5 national standard Grand Prix placings so far in the 2011 season, Devin & Roman Saluut take home the top ribbon, winning the $30,000 Princeton Horse Show II Grand Prix on July 3rd.

Other results highlights include:

No Worries - 1.35m Welcome Stake - 2nd of 28.

Roman Saluut - 1.35m Welcome Stake - 6th of 28.

Calissandro - 1.35m Mini Prix - 4th of 31.

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Swan Lake Horse Show 

Results Highlights:

No Worries -  $25,000 Lightfoot Grand Prix - 3rd of 21.

Roman Saluut - $25,000 Lightfoot Grand Prix - 8th of 21.

Calissandro - $5,000 Welcome Stake 1.40m - 3rd of 21.  7/8 Year Old YJpr Qualifier - 1st of 12.

Friller - 1.25m Jprs - 5th of 10. 6 Year Old YJpr - 1st of 4.

Lexus - High Ch/Ad Jpr 1.05m - 1st of 30.  High Ch/Ad Jpr 1.10m -  1st of 27.  $3,500 NAL/WIHS/M&S Adult Classic 1.05m - 1st of 23.

Lady Lin - High Ch/Ad Jpr 1.05m - 3rd of 30.  High Ch/Ad Jpr 1.10m -  2nd of 27.  $2,500 NAL/WIHS/M&S Children's Classic 1.05m - 4th of 8.

PJA Jumper Classic 

Devin Ryan and No Worries win 1st of 23 entries in the $25,000 PJA Jumper Classic.  Devin also finished 8th in the class on his stallion bringing Roman Saluut's national standard Grand Prix placings to 4 in 2011.

Devon Horse Show 

Results Highlights:

No Worries - $10,000 Open Jpr Hit & Hurry 1.40m - 5th of 9.  $20,000 Open Jpr Gambler's Choice 1.50m - 8th of 12.

Roman Saluut - $50,000 Idle Dice Open Jpr Stake National - 10th of 20.

Calissandro - $1,500 7 Yr Old YJpr - 6th of 14.  $1,500 7 Yr Old YJC - 5th of 14.

Friller - $750 6 Yr Old YJpr - 6th of 9.  $750 6 Yr Old YJC - 3rd of 9.

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