Instruction in a strong, safe, and effective seat that aids in the advancement of both horse and rider.


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Outdoor Arena

New in spring 2007, the 125 x 225 foot outdoor arena is located in a serene country setting. Groomed daily and includes an impressive collection of custom-made jumps.

Indoor Arena

Advanced technology euro-felt footing increases stability, adds cushioning and improves moisture retention, which reduces dust, giving a consistent riding experience for the horse and rider. Currently reviewing plans for expansion of indoor.


Each horse gets individual turnout unless owner specifies differently. Property includes eight individual, four individual/group pastures and one large pasture. In addition to grass pastures there are six all-weather stone dust paddocks. As pointed out recently by a local veterinarian, these smaller paddocks are ideal for rehabilitation.

Turnout is important at River Run Stables. We take pride in the ongoing maintenance of our grass pastures and the stone dust paddocks are available when the weather doesn’t allow grass turnout. This allows greater opportunity for horses to graze which is key to their overall health.

New in 2010 is a grass grand prix jumping field which incorporates both natural and man-made jumps. Maintained with special aeration equipment (Aera-vator) to provide consistent depth and durability to grass footing.


Kraft-built 60 foot diameter walker with room for six horses and state-of-the-art footing (shredded rubber which is dust free and resists freezing). The health and vitality of a horse is linked directly to the amount of exercise it gets. Horses love roaming. In their natural environment they will cover up to 50 kilometers daily. The availability of a walker is also important in keeping horses fit for competition, which in turn lowers their risk of injury. It is also a key to providing safe, hands-free and controlled exercise for rehabilitation.

Viewing Room

Completed in 2007, the heated viewing room provides a comfortable place for spectators to observe the indoor arena. Includes seating, fridge and a hot beverage center.

Tack Room

Custom designed heated tack room which provides a built-in, wooden storage trunk for each boarder as well as saddle and bridle racks.


Trails Ground

A picturesque setting for riding including direct access to the Columbia Trail network from River Run property.


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