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About Devin

Photo by Naimark PhotographyDevin is a rising star in the equestrian sport of Show Jumping. One of his greatest talents is his ability to assess a young horse and identify its future potential. He is currently developing six horses which he began relationships with at 2 to 4 years of age. 2010 was a break-through year for him as he earned three Grand Prix titles and multiple top finishes aboard “No Worries”, a 9-year old Selle Francais owned by Barbara Rowland. Devin also enjoyed many successes within the Young Jumper 6 and 7/8-year old divisions ranking him 1st in Zone 2 standings for both. His stallion, Roman Saluut, a 7-year old Holsteiner, will be making his Grand Prix debut in 2011. For further highlights, please see News and Results.

Devin also distinguishes himself by his level of hard work and perseverance. He prides himself on improvements he continues to make to his farm. He strives for advancement in his sport, currently designing his own line of stirrup irons.  He also sets himself apart by his level of dedication and concern for the horses. Like his mentor George Morris, he views his greatest teammate in life to be his horse. “Your horse is your partner. What you feel, he feels. You have to work for the horse, not make the horse work for you”, says Devin.

Devin was born in New Jersey and discovered his love of horses while riding at his grandfather's farm in Sussex County as a child.  He began his riding career at the age of 13 under the supervision of Delores Hunt. He competed in the United States Pony Club Junior Tetrathlon (ride, run, shoot, swim) winning the National USPC championship at 14. He began his training in Eventing and from there caught the bug for Show Jumping. At the age of 16, Devin was hand selected by George Morris to participate in his training program at Hunterdon Inc. As a working student and employee, he spent 4 years in the midst of famous riders such as former Olympian Chris Kappler

Photo by Naimark PhotographyFrom 2002 to 2003, Devin trained and rode for Alan Waldman in Holland at one of the top sport horse barns in the Netherlands. He competed at European competitions incorporating both American and European riding styles and techniques.

Upon returning to the United States, Devin took on the task of owning and managing his current facility at River Run Stables. He has quickly built a reputation as an excellent trainer of both rider and horse alike.  He is glad to accept students of all levels willing to share his passion and dedication to their horses. He places great importance on his role as professional trainer for his riders. He feels that he continues to learn from his students. 

Devin’s goal remains to become a recognized talent at the international level of Show Jumping. Everyone who knows Devin shares in his dream of finding his equine partner to carry him to these heights.

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